Golden Ratio and it's modern application


The golden ratio is a concept never far from designer's lips or thought processes. It's a simple mathematical ratio of measurements at a 1:1.6 difference but has much greater significance than that. It has fascinated designers from it's very conception with it's uncanny ability to be identified in the composition of the human body. It has also been called in some cultures and social circles as the "God ratio", hinting at the idea that God or God's created the human form with this ratio in mind. The ratio has been used throughout time to create illusions of grandeur in symmetry, for example Andrea Palladio based multiple design features on the very ratio itself;



However, before I start rambling on about it's influence throughout many eras of design. I've found some very interesting information that still to this day, the Golden Ratio is used frequently on many facets of design to improve a products interface with us, and as an example I will show the many ways in which the ratio is being used by Apple to help create useful designs.







Fascinating to see the certain design mechanics behind objects that we use everyday. Some food for thought guys and until next time, much love xx


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